Let’s talk about “Love”

If you have not seen Judd Apatow’s Netflix original series, “Love”, then are you even living? That’s a little harsh, but really, this show deserves your binging self.

Without giving too much away, the show is about two people, living in the oh so strange city of LA, and meeting by chance. Mickey and Gus, embark on a hyper realistic, somewhat annoying and extremely deep journey. Their journey is pretty representative of how most millennials are currently dating. “Sooo, why isn’t he texting me back?”

This comedy gets deep as the season moves on, we see Mickey struggle with addiction, as well as depression. We also see Gus come out of his “Too nice guy” shell, and we realize, he may be a bit of a D*ck.

If you like cliff hangers, this show is for you. With the only season currently on Netflix leaving us with so many questions, comments and concerns. Which leads me to my spoiler. *so stop reading if you haven’t seen it, if you have I hope this post makes you say “Amen, hallelujah.”

Seriously, don’t read if you haven’t watched, I’m warning ya.

Soooo, we all know How it ends, in the gas station, after days of ignoring and mind games. HOW COULD HE?! It’s like a heroin addict saying, hey I’m really addicted to heroin, so maybe we shouldn’t hang out for a while so I can get myself straight, see you in a year or two? Then the person sticks a needle in their arm and says “nah.” Total disregard for her feelings, and her well being! Gus is not a must, he is the king of all douche bags.

With that being said, I may or may not have a calculator counting down the minutes to the release of season two.


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