Love and Romance

Sweet Forgiveness

When people hurt us, we tend to host a crap ton of resentment and hurtful feelings towards them. We may say we hate them, we may constantly put out into the universe how awful we think they are. For a few seconds it feels good, it feels like you’re convincing yourself that this person is the devil incarnate, and they should go back to where they belong.

But what is all the resentment and hate really doing to you? When you think of this person and your heart races, skin feels so hot it’s cold and your anxiety sky rockets, do you feel happy? Of course not, you are harboring toxic levels of shiii in your system. Let.It.GO. Forgiveness is nature’s medicine to a happy heart.

Now, i’m not saying to think of that guy that cheated on you for 5 years and stole all your money as a beautiful sunflower on a crisp summer morn, uh no. They did do you wrong, they hurt you, never forget that. The difference in Harboring hate and resentment is just that, sweet forgiveness. Acknowledge that they hurt you, accept your place in the situation and forgive them, for they know not what they’ve done(they probs do but to each their own). Use the hurt to build a shell around your heart, but never harden your heart (c’mon Quarterflash, do better).

Forgiveness will open a door to a happy and full heart, the fog that all the hate you harbored will lift and things will seem more clear. Self reflection and growth are what many (including myself) believe to be the key to happiness and a loving life. If there is still hate in your heart for someone, and you are always looking back, how will you ever open yourself up to the opportunity?

Bastille said it best, let the bad blood dry.


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