Vacation Manor

For those of you who don’t know, this band, Vacation Manor, is the absolute bees knees!

I recently discovered them while working, I work in retail so there’s constantly music playing. Their song “A Toast and A Spirit” plays at my job, every night. And it is genuinely my favorite part of the night (love my job doe, promise). Ladies and Gentlemen, this song is so gorgeous, I cry just thinking about it. I’m being a little dramatic, but love will do that to you. And this band, people, I am madly in love.

“I ran into a burning room, I didn’t know what else to do, I heard you callin me…”

ACTUAL LYRICS FROM THE SONG MENTIONED ABOVE, if that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. They have an entire album of songs that will make you want to sit in a field of fairy dust and marshmallows. Make my heart melt forever, Vacation Manor.

The name of their Debut album is “Girl, Say”, which is also the title of a song featured on the album. And boy, oh, boy, will it pull at all the heart strings? Yes, yes it will.

Their indie sound reminds me of driving down the coast line when I was attending school in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I can actually feel the breeze in my hair and smell the salt when I hear Nathan Towles, sing “now i’m a little lost in my thoughts…” Once again being dramatic, but at this point, idgaf.

This band is so so so worth a listen, so please, go listen!


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