Let’s Talk About “Love” Part II

March 10th, it happened. Season two of Judd Apatow’s Netflix original, “Love”, finally became available! Luckily, I had no plans and no work, so I finished the season in TWO days. Here are my thoughts….(Spoilers, duh.)

So we left season one with Mickey and Gus-Gus kissing at a gas station, and that exact moment is where we pick up. And I must say, Go MICKEY! In that moment she tells Gus, “Dude, what are you doing, I just said I want to be alone…” Which is exactly what I was thinking post season one. So they continue on throughout the episodes, not really dating, but semi dating, ish? Mickey is still attending her meetings for addiction, but she isn’t quite sure what the “Rules” are.

We see her talking to a friend, that she meet through the meetings, and her friend basically says that just because she’s in the Love and Sex addiction program, doesn’t mean she has to give it all up, the program is there to help her build relationships. Not toxic, chaos filled crazy relationships, relationships built on love, respect and compassion. But we still see both of them struggle with relationship dos and don’ts, i.e. Mickey smashing a $2,000 dollar crystal bowl because she thinks Gus, “hid her cigarettes.”

Life gets in the way of these two for a few weeks. Mickey is starting a new pod cast through the radio station, and Gus is in Atlanta for a film that he is tutoring on.

Now, this is where I get confused and a tad bit too emotional…Mickey reconnects with an ex, and of course, sleeps with him. Not just once, multiple times. But what about Gus?! Mickey goes down into another spiral this season, the only difference is, Gus doesn’t know. HE DOESNT KNOW! Mickey has yelled at him in almost every episode as well, which pisses me off. I ended last season hating Gus and now I think I hate Mickey!


Will Gus ever find out what she did with the ex, will he care? And what about her temper tantrums, they’re getting really old! My heart is so confused, I don’t know if I can wait until next season….will there even be a next season?! EEEEKKKK


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