Love and Romance

My Memory

I drive around to think about a time

a place, where we existed

Maybe I was blind, maybe it was real


I can scream, I can cry, I can fight

but in this game you’re always going to pick flight

There’s really no use in trying,

just like there’s never been any use in crying

You’re a memory now

That time, that place

The way you looked and the way I felt

How I began to shake every time you’d come around

I often wonder if you even knew,

Just how deeply I felt for you

You were the song in the morning,

but now you’re the cold air at night

You’re only alive in my memory

You’ve somehow become a part of what makes me, me

They say love makes us act foolish, and i’m no stranger to that

I live in my own thoughts most of the time,

but if I can never have you, then i’ll keep what you gave

Locked away, in a safe place

the laughs and the calm,

I forget about the storm, the hurt we both caused

living through it was more than enough,

maybe you’re not good for me, maybe we were all wrong

maybe we’ll never know

What life could have been, if you wouldn’t have let me go

When the day is tough, when life gives me a little to much

I think of you, my memory.






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