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Natural ways To A Beautiful and Happy Life

Hello Beautifuls!

As you all know, I, like many of you, LOVE makeup. I love the beauty and cosmetics culture but I wanted to highlight some things we can all do to better our lives, and appearance in a natural way. Because although makeup is fun, it’s important to remember that we are all naturally beautiful as well!

Here’s a few tips I have for self care, and a way to a happy and beautiful life.

  1. Drink water – Y’all. Water is free, and also the ultimate feel good product. It will help your metabolism, keep your skin hydrated and soft, fight away migraines and headaches, improve brain function, and dozens of other things. Keep a few cute water bottles all around so you never forget them. I keep one in my purse, book bag, kitchen, ect… DRINK WATER
  2. Sleep – As a college student, this is an extremely hard one for me to maintain, but getting a good nights sleep has some major benefits. It helps your brain, and also helps fight away sickness. Plus its proven that your skin looks much more flawless after a good 8 hours of beauty sleep.
  3. Cut the Soda – Soda is SO bad for you. I lost over 20 lbs over the course of 3 months and one of the main changes I made was switching Soda for water! It was hard at first, I had headaches and I seemed to be going through a withdrawal. But now, three months later, I rarely get cravings, and when I do, i’ll drink grape juice, or another form of juice.
  4. Self Affirmation – This one is the easiest one to do, when you wake up tell yourself things like, today is a good day. You are a great person. Life is going to be awesome today. You are beautiful. Do this while lying in bed, or getting ready in the mirror. It might seem a little strange, but positive thoughts/vibes attract positivity.
  5. Sing – Sing in your car. Sing in the shower. Dance along to your favorite song in the car while sitting in 5 o’clock traffic. Don’t worry about all the people around you, just try to enjoy life in moments where it seems stressful!

Be You tiful! ❤


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