Just Life

Summer Essentials

It’s that beautiful time of year again! 

Here’s a list of products that I love for summer, whether it’s the lake, the beach, a night out, these are all you’ll need! 

1. Sun Screen

My pick is Beach Bum moisturizing lotion. It smells amazing and it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy. I use 30 on my body, because my complexion doesn’t burn easily, and I use 50 on my face and nose. 

2. Confidence 

Okay this is kinda a throw in, but I feel it’s important. You’ve got to be confident momma! Wear that suit with pride, wear that sun dress like the world is your kingdom, cause you’re beautiful inside and out. #slay 

3. A Polaroid camera

I adore my Polaroid, I take pictures all the time of my friends and family. Summer pictures are my favorite because they usually involve adventures and amazing memories 

4. Sundresses

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of a sundress. It takes ZERO effort and you look adorable. Personally I shop at old navy for mine (cause I work there and get an amazing discount on really cute clothes) , but you can also get affordable ones at places like Target, NordstromRack, and Walmart!

5. A cute water bottle 

This is how I trained myself to drink tons of water everyday. I bought a couple water glasses that I thought were adorable and I’d always want to have on the go. Since I live in the south, and it’s extremely hot, this is a major essential for me.

6. A good book 

Is there anything better than sitting outside with a cold drink and an amazing read? I recently posted my favorite books so far this summer, it’s in my “reviews” section, check it out for some ideas, and let me know your favorites! 

7. A trip with friends 

Whether it’s a trip to a local lake or a massive road trip, every summer should include an amazing memory with your loves. 


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