Make Up

Mascara Madness!

Hello Beautifuls!

I’ve recently become obsessed with mascara again, probably because of the story that’s at the bottom of this post, so, I thought i’d share with you my favorite mascaras from the drug store!

  1. Maybelline The Colossal Chaotiques!

This stuff is all you’d want in a mascara, cheap and works like a gem! My lashes looked darker, fuller and longer. Not only is the packaging adorable (it’s the yellow one, maybelline has a HUGE selection) but the brush is awesome as well. It applies the mascara without clumping and doesn’t tug on the lashes! 

2. L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer

This is a great mascara if you’d like to add a lot of length to your lashes. The name does not lie, this stuff is jet black and really gives a dramatic look. I applied it to my bottom lashes and it made them look amazing! 

This photo is a combination of layering the top 2 choices, with L’Oréal’s option on the bottom lashes, two layers of maybelline’s on top as well as two layers of L’Oréal’s!

3. Covergirl’s the SuperSizer Fibers 

This one was an accidental buy. I had an infection in my eye, and was forced to throw away all of my old mascaras, once it cleared I went out to get a cheap and temporary replacement. When I got to the car after purchasing this bad boy, I realized I got brown instead of black (never was a fan of brown mascara). I was on my way to dinner so I used it and was actually pleasantly surprised, it’s not bad! It lengthened my lashes while also making them appear darker. It was a pleasant surprise! 

*Tip* start at the base of your lashes and “wiggle” your way up to the tops to add even more length. And don’t be afraid to mix product! 

P.S do not EVER share (or let your friends use without permission) your mascara with anyone, that’s how eye infections happen people!! 


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