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Tarte Sale!

Hello Beauties!

Tarte Cosmetics recently had a huge sale, 25% off (almost) everything! It was amazing, I got two palettes, a bronzer, highlight and their new rainforest of the sea cleansing gel (which is the large size of the one from my Ipsy bag). 

Not only was the make up super affordable, but tarte is truly a great company. I received free shipping, so I assumed it would take 6-7 days to arrive, but my package was shipped the same day and arrived within 4! That kind of customer service is rare to find, but tarte seems to have mastered it. You also get 15% off in your package for your next purchase! 

The two palettes I received were

“Don’t quit your day dream” and “happy girls shine brighter” 

The pigment on these shadows are out of this world, and the product even smells good! The packaging is adorable, and can travel easily. These palettes are a win! 

I also recieved a travel size of their Amazonian Clay matte waterproof bronzer in “hotel heiress”, although it’s travel size, the size is more than enough to last you a few months. The pigment is also very beautiful but looks natural, and not caked on. There’s a hint of shimmer as well which I love. 

There is a travel size of their Amazonian clay highleter in “exposed highlight” which is also more than enough. This highlight can be used for a subtle look or for a more strong look, it is very blendable and easy to layer. I LOVE the shade and the slight shimmer. 

Finally, I bought the larger size of the cleansing gel that I recieved in my Ipsy bag, because that gel is the best one I’ve ever used! I’ve had people come up to me and say I look like I’m glowing, even with no make up on and I believe it’s a combo of the gel and my new toner. I’m so sad that this is a limited edition! 


4 thoughts on “Tarte Sale!

  1. Okay excuse me I’m going to go on Tarte ahah, you bought some gorgeous things! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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