Make Up

Skin Care Routine


One of the things I get complimented on most is my skin, although I haven’t always taken great care of it (the horrible sun burn incident of 2015), I do take pride in my skin care routine. 

I have combination skin, and have never had terrible acne, but I do get blemishes with a lot of discoloration. So here is exactly what I do every morning and night! *also drinking a ton of water really does improve your skin and overall health*

In the morning 

Use a gentle cleanser, I use cetaphil gentle, it doesn’t have a harsh smell which is nice, and leaves my skin feeling soft. 

Next, toner, I absolutely love the brand Dickinson! It’s only 4.99 at target and is truly amazing! This toner is not harsh at all and leaves the skin feeling tight but does not over dry. It also helps with discoloration! Apply onto a cotton swap and gently rub areas in circular motions. 

Next apply a gentle lotion, and then a light sunscreen. 

Make sure to prime your face before applying heavy foundations and powders! 

At night 

First remove make up, I use a nuatrogena make up remover wipe, then follow up with a micellaer water rinse, I just apply it to a cotton swab and wash away the excess make up. 

Next cleanse again, at night I use my tarte rainforest of the sea cleanser, just because it helps relax me and the smell is lovely. 

Follow up with your toner again, and make sure all the make up is OFF! 

Apply all night creams and treatments in order of how heavy they are. You want to start light and go heavy. 

I do face masks twice a week, I really enjoy ones with avacado and honey. 

Another tip is to never use hot water in the shower. This damages your skin and hair! Try to shoot for a middle of the road between hot and cold. 


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