Favorite Things Friday

Hey all!

This is a new weekly post idea that I am going to try out! I want to share my top five favorite things of the week! I’ll write about anything and everything that comes into my life through the weeks; food, books, clothes, tv and more!

1. “Reign” streaming on Netflix

This has been my latest binge on Netflix and I’m obsessed. You follow the story of Mary, Queen of Scotland (Adelaide Kane), as she figures out how to save her country and also try to figure out matters of the heart. There are four seasons available, with each episode being about 40 minutes long. The cool thing about this show is the use of contemporary music and costume. Check it out!

2. Platform Shoes

I’m not sure how this has happened, but I’m completely in love with 90s esque platforms. I bought some knock off slinky platforms from target on clearance after Christmas and even though it’s freezing, I’m trying to figure out how many ways I can wear them.

3. “The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher

This is an awesome book about Carrie’s life, not only for Star Wars fans but for all women. Carrie Fisher takes us back in time to the filming of the very first episode of Star Wars. We learn of what life was like for Fisher, as well as her co stars, in this witty and emotional novel. I found my copy at target, but it’s also available at most major retailers and online!

4. “Chapel”

So, Chapel is a band that I recently discovered at work. Music plays continuously while I’m at work, and I normally tune it out but when this band came on I had to find out who they were. They are and indie pop-rock group from Atlanta, Georgia and their debut EP is titled “Sunday Brunch”. They’ve got a really upbeat sound, but their lyrics talk about real issues that everyone struggles with. I found the album available on Spotify!

5. Essence Eyeliner

THIS STUFF IS BOMB. It’s sooooo affordable ($2.99) and lasts all day long. I bought it one night before work, thinking it would just last a few days, I was wrong! The formula is so smooth and it doesn’t run or smudge at all! It applies beautifully and maintains its color all day long. You can buy it at target and ulta!


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